Scooby Walk Day

Last Sunday at last it was time for fun again! The Dutch Scooby Team invited everyone to a rejuvenated ‚Walking Day‘.  Many former Scooby protégés, their two-legged companions and new siblings travelled from all over the Netherlands to the venue. They were not deterred by the rainy and stormy weather and thus the restaurant at Hilversum Airport quickly filled up with people and dogs. Here we met each other before the walk started, so we could have a little snack for the road and check out the Scooby shop that had been built up. At 12 o’clock we headed out, armed with umbrellas and long coats. But as life loves to play its tricks, the rains stopped all of a sudden and the sun came out. Thus the surrounding heath in Hilversum was swarmed by many two- and fourlegged creatures under clear blue skies. From small mixed breed dog to giant mastin, all sizes of dogs were represented. They frolicked through the high grasses, enjoyed the company of their friends and were obviously having a whale of a time. The galgos took advantage of the wide open space and ran around  to their heart’s content. It simply was a delightful view, looking at all those extatic dogs and their proud owners. After about two hours we got back to the restaurant and had a communal meal. The exhausted furry noses used this time to have little afternoon nap. Surely they were dreaming of their next Scooby Walk.
We thank all visitors for coming over and for their donations. We hope they enjoyed their day as much as we did and that we will see them again at the next walk.