And we went to Merida

And there we found the following: 15 galgos that we rescued and we made a deal with Ana that every time she finds one that she calls us, so she did and we went there and we brought them all in, without looking if they were white or black, male or female, I am afraid some of them have scabs or Leishmania and they are going to cost us a lot, but mostly a lot of time and love to have them recover. Most of all love for the animals we have enough to give so in a short time you will see that they will be ready and calling at your door to see if you are willing to make space for them on your sofa.
This has been a flying start for Simonetta and Cobie who have gone over to pick them up once it has been arranged and I must admit that women in this aspect are a lot more caring than men, they brought blankets and coats for them because the metal at this time is very hard and cold, they have left various coats there in Merida in case they would find another, these are the first pictures, tomorrow I will make some more and put them on the site. Little barks of hope because I hope they will recuperate soon, they look healthy and have just been hungry. Fermin