And the end of summer arrived...

This update has a huge delay with publishing, should have been done already in late September but...it was forgotten;-) Sorry for that!

...And again we went to Europe to transport dogs and cats. On September weekends we travelled three times: Cristina and I made two of ​​them and last weekend Cristina and Simonetta went to Italy and Slovenia. Finally, around 100 dogs have found their final homes.
With this update I want to thank all those organizations that have helped to make this possible. They have been: GINN, SOS Levriers , Scooby Germany , Scooby Lowlands, Dierenopvang Koningen , Scooby Italy, SW Slovenia , EGN . To all of you: thank you, without your work, ours has no sense.
After last trip on Monday at nine o'clock I was working at my school. On the first trip, we loaded the van at our friends’ home of Greyhounds Ardenne Bleue. There we packed a lot of pet’s food. Thank you very much! On the second trip we came back full of food that our friend Joost had gotten from an English company. He carried them food, asked for a pallet for us and got it! During the third trip the van came also full up with food, blankets and other donations for our animals. Again thank you all for filling our van.
I am telling everything because it is well worn and being thankful, but also to remark that our trips are completely amortized, even on this trip we had to leave food at Lucy’s home because  we could not bring so much! . I am telling this regarding some stupid comment on a French forum which implied that we had not gone to collect food because we did not want to. Dear “friends”, we did not pick it because we filled up the van, we had no place for more, not for other reasons, so French “friends”:  before accusing please be sure of what you are saying. There are always some people who say stupid things due to ignorance, bad mood, or both.
Kisses, hugs, loving bites and licks.