The reasons behind everything III

It is over 25 years ago that I took the first pictures of  hanged galgos and since then we have achieved that in the area where I live, the number of galgos being born has diminished significantly and due to education and information we managed that at the end of the hunting season a lot of them were brought to the refuge, and even some of them paid us for being able to do so. It is certain that no galgo is refused entry to Scooby for financial reasons, but in the residence we are trying to get another policy into place. I have to be honest that in the beginning it wasn’t very clear to me but after some discussions with the other members of the board we thought it was worthwhile to try it so we will. We opened the residencia for the galgueros to bring their dogs at the end of hunting season, Cobie would take care of them for a reasonable amount of money in return and when they would end their hunting career they would already be here and we would not have to go and pick them up from somewhere. I have to admit that in the beginning and even now sometimes the idea of working together with galgueros gives me goosebumps, but on the other hand I am able to understand the other side of the argument being: that at least during the time they are with us they have a dignified life and that is also what we are asking the galgueros, that while they are good for hunting they will treat them well. And that at the end of their working life they have a good place to go to, and the most certain way is to have them in the residencia.. Having to do all that without any costs to the galgueros seems to me a bit ridiculous,  but some recently arrived self proclaimed guru in the world of animal welfare is saying that we would be receiving tainted money and that we would be contributing to the chain of suffering, but I honestly think that there is nobody in this country that has done more for the galgos than I did and even then I think that you have to evolve sometimes and that the strategies that work today may not be working tomorrow. Right now Cobie in the residencia is starting to refuse to take in some galgos because they cannot even be bothered to abide by the laws and don’t have all their animals vaccinated and chipped, and we don’t want to get mixed up in illegal activities, that would be asking a bit too much.  So here you have it, all the elements for the judgement of the case, you will know which policies will work or not, I think they will and that is why we do it at Scooby. Kisses, hugs, bites and loving licks, Fermin