A hommage to one of our spanish volunteers.

For sure one of the principle concerns I have had during my years at Scooby was to have someone as a worker that could be paid, for instance to do the cleaning, feed the animals, not to be dependent on what number of volunteers was present and had the time to do so. The truth is that there are other jobs that the volunteers can do and which they do very well, some care could not be given to the animals if it weren’t for the presence of volunteers, as well as many other promotional tasks, go to schools, coordination jobs that could not be done without the efforts of volunteers, who know that their help is required but often feel underappreciated, but nothing is further from the truth as in reality we appreciate them very much, which you need and want, the people who make up the fabric of Scooby but mainly for our animals.
At the same time all has to be said, I would like to put a face to our gratitude which is one volunteer in particular, whose name is Ana Merino, a very quiet person who prefers animals over humans, her main interests are the animals and the animals thank her for  that, she is very exited about going to work at Scooby, to observe all the animals living in the patio and the oldies,  every day, the dogs are expecting her for half an hour before she even arrives, when any other one of us passes by they don’t stir but as soon as they see her car pulling up they are besides themselves with joy, undoubtedly they consider her their guardian and their friend, well every morning they are taking their places half an hour before Ana’s arrival and the next day they are taking their places again, to me it’s quite exciting that they have a trusted companion like her, especially the oldies. The oldies are everything to Ana and she is everything to them.

Thank you Ana for taking care of them and please never grow tired of caring for them, as our oldies need you.