Here comes the lottery again..

And like every year around this time we have our numbers for the lottery and this year it is number 84784, and like every year we give out coupons worth 4 euro and sell them for 5, and this extra euro is for the animals we have in our refuge. So please buy!

And what if we win it?

What’s more we have renewed our entire stock of warm clothing, all with our galgo and our logo with the scooby and it’s highly original ears. We’re also going to renovate a large part of the merchandise on the web, with a totally renewed shop that is a lot easier to navigate, all this so that your christmas shopping will be a lot easier to do. We still have some new things to present to you but we will do it bit by bit..

We still need sponsors for our greyhounds flight to the USA and Canada mainly , if you foresee that you will make a trip soon , please let us know and we'll take care of the rest  without it costing you anything and  in the knowledge that you will have helped find a living being it’s own place in this world.
We want to start a campaign of educating and awareness regarding animal abuse, we will need volunteers that are willing to give these talks in the schools, without you we cannot do it all and everything we want to do is worthwhile so get ready, you might never know what will happen if we have enough, that way we would cover much more schools.