Until recently, I was saying that we have never had podencos in Scooby and it was true! But now things have changed dramatically, mainly because Portuguese podencos both types, short and long hair, some Andalusian podenco and some greyhound and podenco crossbreed. The problem is that they have difficulties to get adopted and that is why I want to try it with this letter. You know that the life of a podenco is equally or even worse than the one of a greyhound and yet (and this is a personal opinion that you may not share), they are a little less physically attractive than the greyhounds and that is why they may be more difficult to place, but also deserve a space on our homes. Please, let’s start promoting them because they are becoming larger in number and, even more, we are getting them in the shelter much more often than ever. Please, hear our call for help. Kisses , hugs, biting and podenco’s licking. Fermín