What is my job?

Hello everyone, my name is Rebeca and I am the latest addition to the Scooby Medina team. Our president and chief, Fermin, asked me to tell you a little about what I am doing here in the Protectora and that is what I am going to try and explain to you. I hope I won’t bore you since I do like to talk about my work and the work that other people are doing here, and the things that are happening here. That said, let me begin.
My launch with Scooby was in december, and I was surprised about the number of people that work and collaborate with Scooby, but I was also surprised about how little was known by the general public, especially in Medina and the surrounding area, about the work we are doing here so one of my priorities is getting Scooby and its activities known to the world, besides publicizing all activities to the media, a fundamental tool in the promotion and publicity of the Protectora.

Another one of my priorities is to process all the official complaints about abandonment, animal abuse and any other circumstances that need reporting. And after a period of about a month, when we have not had any reply from the relevant organisation, we will proceed to make enquiries about the status of the complaints and in addition  involve the relevant authorities and urge them to assist us to the best of their abilities.
The Protectora Scooby has an extraordinary potential to carry out a multitude of awareness and education activities and we are therefore also setting up projects with families and schools, encouraging to come to the location so we can explain to them firsthand what it is we are doing here and how, unfortunately, we sometimes find animals in appalling conditions but that with the work of our volunteers, our workers and adopters, they get better with a chance of a new life that otherwise they would not have had. That is one of the most satisfying parts of this job. One thing for sure, starting in April Scooby will open its doors and organize new activities for small kids which I will coordinate with the help of my co-workers and volunteers.

In a few weeks the webpage of Scooby will have the store online, updated with new products and a new, more dynamic look to make people visiting our page aware that they are supporting Scooby with the purchases done online. You know that our resources are very limited so all the help is welcome.
Reaching agreements with institutions and organisations is another part of the work we have started in the last weeks, in order to reach workable compromises that can benefit the wellbeing and development of the Protectora and its inhabitants. So far we have had contact with the Department of Youth and the Tourism Office of the city of Medina del Campo, also with the Board of Castilla y Leon and the National Federation of Galgos.
In summary, these are some little parts of my job, I am sure I am forgetting something so I hope you will forgive me and if you think of something I could be doing in the interest of Scooby, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Greetings and thanks to everyone, especially my co-workers that make my life so much easier.