Environmental education at Scooby

Well, any kind of education is very important and at Scooby we have an educational potential that is very very very important, based at first on our dogs and cats being here, most of them galgos, we are going to plan an educational process, of compassion for animals, ways to prevent abuse, unwanted litters, hoping that our visitors, when they find out that our animals are neutered see that it’s not a bad thing but it only is advantageous, and then we hope that they will do the same with their pets, prevention of abandonment, animal education and promotion of adoption vs. buying.
We also have the enormous potential of the farm animals, through them and their different stories we could explain how they live in a farm and all the suffering that implies, but also that the children can interact with the animals, we can imagine that they will be able to touch them, groom them or feed them.
And if that is not enough, we also propose to form a zoo of silhouettes that are pictures of our own animals from our ecosystems; we are going to start with reproducing a cereal steppe, a Mediterranean forest and a riverside forest and wetland with animals belonging to each of these ecosystems. Activities will be especially for schoolchildren of different ages, we will make a field guide with different educational activities, I really do believe we can make history in the world of animal protection, with concepts of animal wellbeing that are not well known in this Spain. I will keep you posted on how things progress. Loving kisses, bites, crowing and meows from all of us. Fermin