Constant improvements

At Scooby we are in a process of constant improvements, especially for our animals, when we find a problem, we try to solve it as quickly as possible within our means and therefore we now have finished the cages for 7-1, 7-2 and 7-3 and they sure have come out luxurious. This makes our capacity of housing animals almost grow 200%. We have started to make an access alley to patios 3-a, 3-b, 3-c, 3-d and 4-a, 4-b, 4-c and 4-d without having to cross the other patios full with dogs, which normally was a problem and especially a source of stress for the dogs, some of them were terrified. This alley will also make the animals in those patios better to be seen so when somebody comes to adopt we can come closeby to show them their future adoptants, so, only good things!