Another galgo foundling

Simonetta and Sabine were just on their way back from talking a walk with their own dogs and were thoroughly soaked. Again the rains in Medina had caught them by surprise and all they wanted now was getting into the dry caravan, when a small van with a Madrid license plate came their way right in front of Scooby.  They really didn’think much of it at first, untill their dogs suddenly started to bark. A glance in the direction of the fence confirmed that something extraordinary was the matter – behind Fermíns house a black galgo was sat, soaked, shivering, frightened. Again some punter who had pushed his dog across an opening in the fence without a word. Even in the pouring rain and icy cold. At first the dog wouldn’t allow to be caught, but once he had a leash on him his cuddly trusting side came out. He has some wounds (which had been cared for in an improvised manner by the looks of it), a part of his tail is missing and in some places his fur is rather thin, but apart from that he’s in good health. We decided to put him in a dry dog house for the time being, giving him a coat, food and water – which were greatly appreciated. Now all he needs for his further road to happiness is a home to call his own. Could it be your home?