One more time… the same sad story.

Over and over again (and for that not less irritating) we keep on finding puppies, abandoned by some "#@!%'¡#& people. Many of them get hit by a car and end up in our facilities waiting to receive trauma surgery. For us this is a repeated story, for Valentin, this is the story of his short life.
Valentin is a little puppy that the Guardia Civil brought us a few weeks ago. They said they had found him in the middle of nowhere. Although I am sure this was not our responsability, how can we deny to help the little animal? The poor thing needed us and now the Association needs from you. 

You may already know that Scooby does not wait to get the money before we decide we are going to help, but the opposite. Although you may be thinking this is a bad management, our priority is always helping the animal in need. This is why I am asking you to please support us with any little amount you can donate. Through these important donations we can all make Valentin a happy dog.

Greetings, bites and purrs,