One about galgos

Let me tell you about this thing I have observed since we rescued galgos from Andalucía, and this is no more no less the case, really every time they have more Greyhound among them, they are improperly named English greyhounds because in reality they are Irish, also in this case they are Spanish but I am convinced some of them have purely Irish Greyhound blood running through their veins, compared with the ones we have picked up in Seville we wonder why because of this thing galgueros in Andalucía and Castilla say, which is that the truth is that the Spanish Greyhound has less high speed, however this breed has more stamina in racing longer tracks. In Castilla, they say, the hares are larger and more robust so the races last longer, so they require a Greyhound that has the stamina of the purebred Spanish Greyhound, however in the South the hare is less resilient so a fast Greyhound will do, so a bit of Irish blood is welcomed, but the ones we have been collecting so far hold mostly Irish blood and virtually no Spanish blood at all.

I am convinced that this is also connected to straight races, not sure if you know about these, straight races are for born sprinters, since they are very short and without bends, careers for this type of racing greyhounds were imported from Ireland, I now believe they are picking up on this type of racing here as well and I don’t believe that any of the dogs we have picked up lately are not pure greyhounds, another curiosity from the world of galgueros. Greetings, Fermín.