Visit from a rockstar

In may, the American rock musician and singer Paul Shortino will visit the premises of Sociedad Protectora Scooby in Medina del Campo. This great artist has shown his interest in animals on various occasions, in fact he and his wife, Carmen, have pledged to help us in the hard work of making people aware of the plight of the galgos. This couple have adopted a podenco through GRIN some time ago but they want to get involved more in the field of promotion. Taking advantage of a tour with the Vargar Blues Band where they are touring around points in Spain, they did not want to loose the opportunity to come to Medina del Campo, to get to know first hand about the work and effort that is being done in Scooby so they can help us better knowing more about it. The 22nd of may the legendary band of this big rockstar is playing a concert in Valladolid, in the following weeks we are going to update you on this star visit!