My run for Scooby

“Two minutes until we start!” said a voice through the speakers and the drumroll started. I was already nervous, but this made the adrenaline run on a higher level! A wave went through all the people, from the starting line until the end of the street and back. My brother and I were somewhere in the middle of the crowd. I was ready to go with my Scooby shirt on, old pants and (like a friend said later) ‘retro’-shoes, from the time I had gym at high school. “So on what time schedule shall we run?” asked my brother. “Haha! I just want to finish these 5 kilometers without dying!” I have been training from scratch for this run for only two weeks and that was really hard, so I just want to make it to the finish. For me and especially for Scooby! Many people sponsored me per kilometer, so I have to finish! “Okay” my brother responded without listening to me “we will aim at 6 minutes per kilometer”.
And then BANG! the run started! The first people started to run and the crowd moved. After about a minute I crossed the starting line and my brother/coach already started to coach me: “Come on!!!” “You can do it!”. At the first 2 kilometers there were a lot of people with different paces, it was a bit difficult to run at a comfortable speed, so I tried to focus on my breathing and on not to run over kids or an old man. When we were half way my coach told me to run a little faster, but I was afraid that I wouldn't make it to the finish if I did. But around the 3,5 kilometer I thought, why not? So I accelerated a little. At 4 km again a little bit faster and at 4,3 even more. And as soon as I saw the finish line (about 300 meters to go) I started to fly! I ran as fast as I could and I finished!!! And I did it in ...... minutes! Not bad for a first time. And I didn't die! I thought I would after the finish of course, but hey, I finished!

Which means:
Almost 250,- euros for Scooby!! How great is that! So I can keep on adopting for Amelia virtual another year! Thank you all very much for sponsoring me!

A big kiss from Amelia and myself.