This story might not be especial at all to any of our readers, it might be (unfortunately) just a story about just another abandoned dog in Spain. But to me and my fiancé it is not just any story, but it’s the story of our PIPA (that’s what we called her)
A few days ago, we were driving in our car on a secondary road when the car before us all of a sudden braked, and when we saw why they braked we could not do anything but stop, it was a little dog, a mastin puppy, and my boyfriend stopped the car and went to pick it up, it didn’t offer a lot of resistance but it was very scared. Once in the car, the poor thing was so tired that it laid down and went to sleep straight away. When we got home, it only wanted to eat and sleep, who knows how long it was running around on the road already.. It is a female pup and a very sweet one, even though we know her just a few days, she already starts to wag her tail when she sees us.
But the question now is: what to do? We took her home but we knew we could not keep her there because we live in Germany and they won’t allow us to keep animals in our apartment. I did not want to bring her to a doghouse because I was afraid they would put her down, and also  we think she could be deaf because she has a hard time reacting to encouragements. And we would not want to give her to just anyboby because we don’t really want her to go, but then we would want her to be safe and happy. In the end I got in touch with Scooby and they came to collect her, it hurt us to see her go but we know that she will be fine in Scooby.
This is the story of PIPA, one of many , but special for those that know her! And we hope she will find a family that will give her all the love she deserves.

Pipa´s age is more or less 5 months

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