Hello, I am Balú. I tell you that my life has not been long but not unimportant.
When I was born I was very happy, I had other siblings and a very big mom giving me cuddles and kisses very often. I used to spend all day playing with my siblings and whenever I got tired,  my mom would feed me to regain strength and keep playing.
Suddenly one day someone who was not my mother, took me up and although I start crying and kicking I was too little to defend. Those arms were too strong for me and I could do nothing. I remember being locked in some large and cold place and wo
ndering where my mother and my siblings would be. I was lonel. I was hungry and cold. All I could do was hide in a corner and whimper. I do not know how long I spent there but it certainly seemed eternal to me!
Then, one day, someone opened the door and I could leave, but I found no one to pet me or give me love, so I started to circling. I sniffed on all sides looking for something to eat, but nothing smelled like my mom’s warm milk. I walked and walked until I felt exhausted and everything got dark. After that, I bumped into more strangers! They tried to take me again. Why? I was scared and ran and away from them, until I didn’t have any forces left. But they finally took me. However this time they took me and feed me with the delicious and tasty food. Everything looked so good! They also picked me up and hugged me! Later, they took me to a dry and clean place and I realized that not all people are the same.  

Right now I am living in a foster home with three others like me and we all enjoy there. My next step is looking for a permanent home. Everyday my host mother says to me how much she loves me and likes me because I am very quiet and she does not need to take as much care of me as she does of others. Oh, one thing is that I have recently visited the vet’s to get surgery done in one of my eyes. They say it is nothing important, just a birthmark, and now that is already healed and there is just a little mark left, I think I look even more attractive.
So , no needs to think any more, please! I am a big and noble mastiff.
Kisses, Balú