A Saturday at Scooby

Again a Saturday at Scooby and again one of many Saturdays I am feeling happy with  taking care of our animals at Scooby, spoiling them, washing them, giving them treats, etc…

At one moment I was full of joy when people looking for a dog to adopt popped up and fell in love with a galgo. “How nice!” I thought, “Again a dog who has a home.”

But this joy vanished immediately when I saw 2 persons approaching with Toby, a very playful and super affectionate dog of just one year of age. His “owner” gave us a brief excuse to get rid of him und left him at the shelter. While they disappeared Toby didn´t stop crying as if saying “Why do you leave me behind here? What did I do wrong? Please come back, I will be so obedient.” But they didn´t come back, neither they turned around for a last glance at him, they didn´t even say good bye to him – left him alone at a place he didn´t know with people who were still strangers to him.

Now he is looking for a home where he is loved, where he is taken care of and where he will never be abandoned again. Do you want to give it to him?