This is Giny, a very sweet and gorgeous galgomix female also saved by Scooby from the perrera where she was brought to by her owners and where she was to be euthanised in a few days although she was only 7 months of age then. But this did not seem to bother the owners, they did not want her anymore and were not interested in what her faith would be...
She has the bad luck not being a galgo but a mix from that breed what makes it a lot more difficult to find her a forever home.
But Giny deserves it so much to have her own family. After her very bad start in life she did not lose hope and she stayed a very sweet and happy girl.
She loves to play and loves all other dogs, big ones as well as small ones, she is always even glad to see them and play with them. She behaves also very well on the lead.
She is now some 5 months in Scooby and it is time that she finds her own family where she can enjoy more of her childhood with people that love her and give her the life every young dog should have and also deserve, to become a healthy and happy dog with a hopefully long life ahead. Make her happy and adopt.