From sadness to complete happiness...

Some of you might remember Oli from our website.
He came to Scooby in September 2008. He was small, timid and not very social. His chance for adoption were low. We tried to do everything we could to promote him, but soon he started losing interest in life. He would just sit in the wooden dog houses and not care for anything... except food. As you can see here - it was something of a passion for him. He was one of the saddest dogs at the shelter in terms of sociability, but was quite happy eating.

In February 2010, Eva from Canada and Barbara from 11th Hour Rescue were visiting Scooby. Eva had a list of long time dogs and was showing them to Barbara. Barbara has been a great friend to Scooby over the years and she has always taken the dogs who had the least chance of adoption. When she saw Oli, she knew that he was one of those dogs. The reservation was made and he was prepared to travel in September. Although it was a long time to wait, especially since he arrived in 2008, it was worth the wait!

He is now living with the Liza Tivvy…the daughter of the late Elizabeth Taylor.

Here is Liza’s story about how Oli came into her life…

It seems like a real stroke of fate! I went to the adoption clinic with a friend who was looking for a dog. I had recently lost my old friend Buster, the last dog from a shelter that closed down many years before. A few minutes with Oli at that clinic and I realized my dog number was about to go back up to 3.

When Barb and Chris brought him to my house to meet the gang it was like he had always been here; the other dogs accepted him right away.

Since then, he has settled even more. He is totally into the routine of barn chores for the horses, donkeys etc, even the cats who he was terrified of the first time he met them. We go for walks (off leash now) in the woods every day which is his favourite thing to do, being as energetic and athletic as he is! Hopefully he has learnt his lesson about porcupines which he found out about the hard way on one of our 1st off leash walks. I don't think there are porcupines in Spain!

Being that he is already 7 or so, I will treasure the few years that we will have together, and grateful that the timing in both our lives worked out for our paths to cross!

Anyway I gather that you have the few photos that I had sent to Barbara, but if you should want any more, let me know.

Thank you so much for all you do!


Thank you Barbara for looking out for the underdog! And thank you Liza for opening your home and heart to Oli. From being one of the saddest dogs, we can see that he is now one of the luckiest dogs in the world and very happy.