Easter visit at Scooby

Dear everyone,

We thought you’d be interested to see some photos from the Greyhound Compassion Easter volunteer visit to the Scooby shelter in Medina del Campo.

During our trip we spent time nursing the nervous and shy dogs to try to help them gain their confidence in people, a very valuable job.  We had a professional builder in our group who (despite the snow, hail and rain in the first few days) managed to build the foundation and walls for 2 large kennel blocks, culminating in sunburn on the last two days!  We spent hours preparing food for the shelter residents and cleaning their quarters.  We also got to work on a mega spring clean of the storage warehouse and washing machine area.  What a sense of achievement when that was done!  We also painted the outside of the on-site clinic. The permanent Scooby team have so much work with cleaning the kennels and feeding the animals on a daily basis that they rarely have time to clean areas like the storage room. So hopefully we were able to help them by getting these bigger tasks out of the way.

There were lots of galgos in residence at Scooby and we were pleased to hear that the van would be taking about 20 of them to France to be rehomed with families there this weekend.  Plus, another transport will take place to France in May.  This is such good news to know that galgos are getting homes.

Thank you to everyone who came on the trip and contributed so much to the shelter and to all of Greyhound Compassion’s donors/fundraisers who make our continued support for the shelter possible.

Greyhound Compassion