Litta, our good-natured mixed breed girl

Litta is hardly one year old, but has already been abandoned and has witnessed her entire family coming to Scooby and finding a home of their own – now she’s the only one that hasn’t been adopted yet. What may be the cause of that? Maybe it’s because she is a black dog who doesn’t stand out from the crowd at first glance. In any case it isn’t her fault – she’s an absolute darling.          

Litta was born May 2010. Her mother was a gorgeous and elegant pointer lady, we think her daddy must have been some kind of sturdy labrador. The two of them were proud parents to a whole litter of pretty, funny and playful pups who were wanted by nobody at first, so Littta and her little family (just dad was not present) came to our shelter.
Going into the paddock and taking pictures of this band of rascals became a near Olympic sport in the ensuing weeks after their arrival since the wee pups were growing at an astonishing speed.  Of course they all wanted to say hello at the same time, they hopped around, played, ran around – but even then Litta was the one that wasn’t pushing to be up front. She prefered to take in some sun, or simply waited for her siblings to calm down and go back doing their own thing and then she would step forward and receive her daily dose of cuddles.

Today she is more or less totally grown up and she has turned into a wonderful dog: very loving, strong, playful, but at the same time with a pleasantly calm nature. She is very good with other dogs, even doesn’t mind if they are pushing her boundaries a little. As an extra plus she is doing well on a lead and she is also good with cats.

When visitors come by she is beside herself with joy. She walks up to the visitors wagging her tail off with pure joy and loves being hugged. She presses herself against you and showers you with hugs. If she had a say in it, she’d have cuddle sessions like these all day long.

It is obvious that she is craving some human attention. It’s definitely noticeable and she sure wonders what she has done wrong that she is always left behind while all the other dogs around her get adopted.

All we can tell her is „Nothing, dear Litta!“.  She just needs someone special who’s willing to look closer, enjoying her beautiful black coat shining in the sun and finding that her beauty lies also within.  We hope this special person will soon fall in love with our Litta, because she has known nothing but our shelter in her short life and this should change – the sooner, the better.