Micky, the old charmer...

Micky is our model for April in the Scooby calendar and yes, I have fallen for his charm and beauty as well. His owner was good enough to send us an update, which we gladly want to share with you.

It has almost been two years since I spend 3 months at Scooby, where I met Micky.  There is nobody at Scooby who doesn’t know who Micky is: the best looking male in Paddock 2!  You really can’t miss him either, Micky is a galgo mix and draw attention to himself, not in the least since he was 2 heads higher than the rest of them.
This lovable guy was always patiently waiting at the gate and greeted everyone that came into his paddock, following them every step of the way. He just can’t help himself and if you are not careful,  he would place his paws in your face to greet you. This big boy loves to jump on people and often people got startled having him at eye level all of a sudden.
Before I went to Scooby, my friend said:  “don’t bring home any dog” since we already had two at home. But this decision was quickly made, already on the third day it says in my Scooby-diary, which I wrote in every day: “if someone is coming with me, it’s going to be Micky”.
I cannot really explain what it was, but I loved him from the beginning because if his bumbling, lovable and almost goofy way. When I heard how long he had been at Scooby already, I could not understand why. I had almost never seen such a beautiful dog like Micky. And of course I spend a lot of time in my favorite paddock 2.
One of the many days I was there, I was overcome with homesickness and went back to Paddock 2, where Micky followed me around. He seemed to notice that I was feeling sad and tried to cheer me up by putting his paws in my lap. That moment clinched it for me, Micky could come home with me.
And now he has been accompanying me for the last 2 years and I am overjoyed I have made the right decision. OK, sometimes it is exhausting since everybody, really each and everyone loves Micky. There is hardly anyone that can withstand his charm. So we are being constantly stopped on the street, even when we go by bike, by people asking us about the beautiful dog we have, what breed it is and if they can pet him. But of course they can pet him, he is one of the cuddliest dogs I have ever seen and sometimes it is even embarrassing to see how he just begs for cuddles from everybody. He is good at giving paws and wags his tail and when you say jump, he knows he can jump like in the old days. We had to train him not to do that since he was jumping up to strangers in the street, out of sheer enthusiasm and happiness.
Popular is his “Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu”.. it doesn’t matter in which situation, whether he is happy, playing, or has done something wrong and wants to appease us. He lets out this long loud howl which sounds like “Ruuuuuu”. And he knows very well he can wrap us around his little finger when he does that, and everybody who knows us won’t let us go before he does it.
Micky, the old charmer..
I recommend everyone to take a look at the mix breeds at Scooby. A lot of them wait for years for a great home and are nothing less that their purebred Galgo friends.