One night more, lying here in my corner I close my eyes with the hope that my dreams will come true.
I came to Scooby Zamora 3 years ago from another shelter, where I had been dumped as puppy already.
I have lost the count of the days that I´ve been here … abandoned.
I hardly remember if I had a home. The years pass by, and every minute that passes I´m more away from my dreams.
I´ve seen a lot of friends passing away here by my side, some went to heaven because their lifes were dying without strength to fight more. They went without having known the warmth of a home, they aged alone and abandoned like me.

I have a lot of fear that the story will repeat itself, fear to spend the last minutes of my life here in loneliness, that is what I fear most.
I just ask for a home where to spend the last years of my life, where to show that I have a young heart full of love.
I am afraid that nobody is going to choose me. I´m not young, I´m not pretty, I´m not athletic, I´m not a tender sweet puppy, I´m an old lady and a chubby dog and what I like most is to spend the hours lying in the sun , dreaming of  care, a gesture of universal affection that transmits a deep message… trust in me. That is what I want, trust in you.

PS; Never in my life I will lose the hope of finding a home , in the last minute of my life I will still have the illusion to know your love.
For you , my future owner, my rescuer, I will always wait for you.

Little sweet person frightened and valiant, your life didn’t have importance for the one who abandoned you, your eyes and body are small but you hide something very big inside… ONE HEART, ONE EMOTION , ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Help us to save GORDITA