Scooby Day 2012

Dear animal lovers

The second Scooby Day has been planned for Sunday the 24th of June, and this is your official invitation! We are sure this next one will be even busier and better than last time!
For those of you who are not familiar with the Scooby Day:  it’s a day of fun for both dog and owner! We have several activities planned, such as a nice walk through the dunes of Soest, get some excitement by taking a bet with our Wheel of Fortune, the possibility to have your dog checked thru the HPK (the periodical dog check) and you will be introduced to the loveliest Scoobydogs that have been waiting for a new owner too long already.
Besides all that, we will also have very interesting and fun stands, like the Scooby shop, May’s collars and Galgolicious. You can have your picture taken together with your dog and if that’s not enough, your dog can have the time of its life (provided he or she acts socially correct of course!) running around in the training sandbox inside. In short, a day that must not be missed.

This event again will take place at the stables Nieuw Eldorado, located at the Bosstraat 82 in Soest (this time we have more space made available to us than last time),  and all of you are welcome from 11.00 till 17.00 hours.
For a description on how to get there, please see: www.nieuweldorado.nl/manege/route/27/
You will be able to meet the people behind Scooby, members of the board and of course meet each other, get together with adopted dogs, get to know Scooby a little better and at the same time have a great day, for both dogs and owners!

See you June 24th!

Scoobyteam Holland