Pal, one among many of our abandoned street dogs

Little Pal was abandoned in the province Salamanca and has been wandering the streets already since October, felt cold, hunger and fear and suffered from the human´s carelessness who wouldn´t stop to rescue him.

He fed himself on rubbish that fell to the ground or was lying around and from the food,that very few people gave to him.

Every day he waited rolled-up in the entrance of a bank. We think, Pal has been left behind there and was waiting now for his “owner” to come back and pick him up, hoping everything was a mistake, that he was forgotten there and would come back to get him – he waited every single day at that door for the human, who had given him affection and took care for him until then, to finally come back and set an end to this nightmare.
Although he was kicked, people didn´t pay attention to his little paws and stepped on them while scolding him, he waited faithfully and good for the one who had once taken care of him.
But one day his fate changed. Somebody came along who saw him and did not hesitate one moment to go for a leash, take him home and call us for picking up the little fellow.

Now he belongs to the Scooby tenants, looking for a home. He is a good little boy, very cuddly and always looking for affection and understanding. Pal goes along well with other dogs and behaves perfectly.

Do you want to help Pal to make him forget his past? Give him a chance and adopt him!