Rex - Everybody´s darling looking for home

Our wonderful Rex has been picked up by us in an empty finca in the hills of Salamanca.
From the very first moment he conquered everybody´s heart at Scooby because he is such a gentle and peaceful young boy. He is really smart, nice with humans, with male and female dogs, big dogs, small dogs, even gets along with the cats at the office. Spanish people shared our opinion and adopted him.
But his luck didn´t last for long, some days later he was returned to Scooby because he had an attack.
It happened again here and we it is Epilepsy according to the diagnose from the vets from the university of Zaragoza. At the moment we are trying to figure out how often it happens, if it is rather seldom, there is maybe no medication needed but if it happens regularly  he´d need a fine-tuning on medication but this is very difficult to practice in a shelter and so we are looking for a loving home for this wonderful dog.

Here are 2 videos of Rex. In the first one you can see he is already good on the leash without any training and in the second one you see that he´s just a normal young dog who enjoys to play and have fun.

If you think you are the person who can bring even more joy to his live with giving him a loving home, please contact us!