Little Mars

I am, just like my other doggie mates here at Scooby, an abandoned animal. I am a full bred Shih Tzu, but it didn’t help me. Nowadays there’s not a lot of difference between full bred and non-bred, there is no discrimination for abandonment.  My name is Mars and I had a home. Not a really loving home but at least they fed me and I had a nice bed to sleep in.

One day like many others, my owner took me out, took me in his car and took me further than where we used to go. I didn’t really mind since then I could smell new things and get to know new places. My owner opened the door of his car and I jumped out, ready to smell new things and I didn’t notice that he just went and left me there.
I got very nervous when I found out that he was gone and walked around like mad trying to find him, following the trail back to where he had parked the car and I thought he must have been confused and left without me. So I lay down at that place, hoping he would come back and telling myself that he had just made a mistake and forgot about me momentarily and that he would be back for me.
I lost all track of time, I don’t remember how long I had been there without food or water, but I didn’t loose hope.  I was hungry and thirsty, but what if I moved from this place and at that exact time he would come back for me? So it was better not to move and wait there, he surely would come soon...

I feel weak, I am afraid, tired and cold..I can hardly get up, but all of a sudden a pair of warm hands lift me up, and I see a girl saying: poor thing, he has been left here! . I am trying to tell her that I have not been abandoned and that they are coming back for me but she didn’t pay attention and took me with her. She took me home and fed me and gave me water and little by little I recuperated.

She brought me to this place where there a more dogs and there was this boy that she called “vet” and he said I had a heart murmur and that must have been the reason they had left me. I suddenly realized.. I thought my owner cared for me and I would not have left him if he fell ill. And now I feel sad, how could he have done that?

I feel better now.. I only have to take one little pill every day to help my heart, but I am a happy and loving dog. The person that will adopt me will have my undying devotion and I hope that he or she will show me what it is to have a real home, where I will be loved and will be the happiest dog in the world.