Why so many Facebooks?

At this moment we have several Facebook pages and I would like to know your opinion about this, we have Scooby Galgo rescue , mainly dedicated for the news of the galgos , but we have also another kind of dogs and also many other kind of animals, and that is why we have Sociedad Protectora de animales Scooby Facebook page , for the news of all kind of animals and also other news , I have here a question for you , we want to start introducing our farm animals and I don´t know what to do, Should we have a new FB page for the farm animals or should we introduce them on the existing FB page?. Then we have Scooby adopta,  for promoting our dogs for adoption mainly the ones from the shelter in Medina, we have Scooby en Zamora adopta and Scooby Palencia adopta for promoting the dogs from Zamora shelter and Palencia shelter and also some local news, For the shop we have also a FB page Tienda solidaria Scooby. Scooby France, Scooby North America, Scooby Italia, Scooby Canada,Scooby Lowlands all of them they have their own FB page so it can be a kind of a mess but it is not , anyway if you have some ideas please share them with us , we always want to do things better so please help us, by the way we need Community managers that can deal with all this so maybe it is the way that you can help the animals. We rescue so many animals that we could really produce more than ten updates every day , tell us how do you want to get info about Scooby ?. Kisses, licks and hugs.Fermín