Kenia, learning to survive being blind.

About three weeks ago we received another one of those calls that we get at the shelter so many times. And this one was about picking up an abandoned animal from a village close to Zamora. Everything looked normal, if you consider leaving an animal to fend for its own normal. When we arrived we found a very little dog, looking very fragile, tied to a post, hardly moving. Somebody living there who was waiting for us said that the person picking up the dog, and therefore the one legally responsible for calling us, had decided the night before to leave the little one tied to the post. It really is hard to understand what is going through a person´s head to think that a cold and humid december night is an ideal place to leave a little pup to spend the night. I don´t know how she survived but we are grateful she did. We even had a bigger surprise when we found that the little one was completely blind, she was scared, could hardly move and was whimpering and she had that look of utter terror on her face. Humans never cease to amaze us. We immediately took her to the infirmary, she had to recover quickly and it was absolutely necessary for her to get warm, get some food and hydrate. Within a few days the little one recuperated wonderfully and after going through some test, the little one had another suprise for us, Kenia is also deaf.  Even though life has not been kind to her, she is a happy and playful pup, loving and sociable, and sweet, very sweet, and deserving of a better life. Will you help us spread her story.