I want to introduce you my newest friend,his name is Agapito, he is a male , less than one year old , with problems in his feet, but very very affectionate , he was at the quarantine kennels and the first thing that came into my attention were his cries for love when someone passes in front of his kennel , he starts shouting like a maniac asking for attention, and this every time, he had a very bad coat and the toes were very strange. Frank and Margie took care of his coat and we will see what is wrong with his toes, but I could not resist anymore , the second time hearing his cries of help I made up my mind and I decided to foster him, so now he is in my group with my two new podencas , i will tell you their history another day , He is so playful that even my podenca is tired of him , so he needs a family with children that want to play the whole day with him and possibly a good garden , where he can play with another friend. Is him maybe your next pet?. Please adopt him , so I can foster another one. Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín