Odin is a galgo puppy five months old rescued in Andalusia, with his front leg like this, I know that I am always begging but again we need a surgery, again we will speak with Margot , this history is really repeating too much lately , we can only help if you help us , we need money , we don´t ask money for publicity or things like this we need money to save lives , in the most of the cases we must help them because no-one else will do it, we rescue an average of four-five animals a day, normally all of them with a lot of needs , we are trying to do our best with always very short resources, we ask for money for food bills, vet bills, workers salaries, electricity and all these kind of things, whenever we have asked money for building a shelter we did it , by the way we are planning a new one. So we are a reliable org, poor but reliable, please help us to help them in this case is Odin but we have so many cases that it is difficult to update. You know that we are going to do everything what we can with him, we cannot wait to operate him until we have the money , but please don´t forget that we will need to pay the invoices afterwards.Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín

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