The Cost of Dog and Cat Food: A Bottomless Pit

Very often, we mention Scooby’s veterinary costs which are necessary for the care of all of the animals in the shelter.  But now, we’re appealing to you in case you can help with the food costs for the dogs and cats.
Scooby is often lucky enough to benefit from generous donations of dried or tinned food but unfortunately this is not enough to meet all of our needs.  This is why we regularly have to order vans full of food - usually dried food.
Each van usually has about 4 - 8 tonnes of food!  That may seem like a lot but one tonne usually lasts on average less than one week when you consider all of the animals!
Even considering that a very small part of the order is not always invoiced either because the sack is damaged or the ‘use by’ date is approaching, the due date for the rest of the invoice always arrives…too quickly!
And Scooby’s cash flow doesn’t always mean that we can pay the food bills as punctually as we would like.  This has been the case recently and explains why our debt to the supplier has been increasing and now stands at more than €11,000.  This amount is for the first 6 months of the year. The cost of dried food alone stands at more than €2,200 per month.  This doesn’t even take account of food costs for the other sanctuary animals!
Obviously we would like to pay this debt as quickly as possible.  This is why, once again, we are appealing to your generosity to help us settle these invoices as soon as we are able.  As an example, we are attaching a copy of the invoice for June alone.

Thank you in advance for your help.