What looked like a mission impossible, finally has ended. About 8 months ago a very frightened dog showed up around the refuge that did not let herself get caught. So the pursuit began... The volunteers followed her, they left food at the door and she came for it every day. She even watched us from a distance untill we left before she came over to eat. Weeks passed and one day they saw her with something in her mouth, which was not food but her little treasure: a little pup that she carried around from one place to the other, depending on her route. And now it became even more urgent to catch her! It took a long time, the pup is at least 6 months old and finally yesterday we managed.. now they are with us and we have the task of socializing them and make it clear to them that from now on their second chance is beginning. Or is it their first? Thanks to Cesar for his continued trying and to Mabel who managed to get them into the patio of the refuge and all those who helped to make it possible.