Poor Dolores

This morning Scooby has rescued 3 more galga girls from the provincial perrera from Valladolid. This is a high kill perrera and the dogs don´t have to count on any special care or medical treatment when they need this. The black/white girl was abandoned and hit by a car and she is in a very bad state. She suffers incredible pain on her leg which is badly broken and when we put her in the car the bones come out. She also has wounds all over her little body and a bag of fluid under her chin. She arrived in the perrera yesterday afternoon and was put on a concrete floor without even a blanket to ly on and of course no pain medication at all. By the time we came back at the residencia, she was lying in the car like this, I think she fainted of the pain she was suffering. I don´t think her leg can be saved but we´ll see what the specialists say. For now she´s ok with pain killers and antibioticum and lying on a thick soft bed. If she hadn´t been a galgo, they would have put her down the minute she arrived in the perrera, but they know they can count on Scooby and we count on help from you for this sweet baby who we have named Dolores.