A couple of weeks ago we have been contacted to help in rescuing a huge number of dogs.
It seemed that there was a puppy-mill hidden in a normal house. Yes there really was!
Hundreds of small dogs - and cats - living in closed rooms, impregnated of their pee and poo,
without being able to go out or see the light of the sun.
They were just “things”. Machines to reproduce more “things”. To be sold to the highest bidder.
A incredible situation. It was not allowed to take pictures.
We rescued almost twenty animals such as puppies, a chained dog and kittens.
Most of them are very shy and have not had any interaction  with humans so they don’t really trust them, but they are getting better bit by bit and day by day. It just needs time and patience.
Here are some of the pictures of the night of their arrival, we will update you very soon with the status of these sweeties.
Please help them find a forever home