This is one of the most horrific cases in our history that Scooby has had to deal with. This puppy was recovered in Bermillo de Sayago after one of the people there warned us when hearing its cries. What we saw when we got there will never leave our minds. The poor animal had a cord around its neck, surely to keep it in place while they were giving it a brutal beating. The brute who did this, hit his head continuously with a stone, and when they thought he was dead, they buried his head while they left the rest of him out in the open. We don’t know how long the little Amel has spend there suffering but fortunately we arrived in time to rescue him and get him to our veterinary clinic.  He is in a very bad shape. We don’t know if he will be able to survive, but if he does he will probably remain blind and with problems with his smell because the blows destroyed his skull and his nose. Even though the prognosis does not look good, we at Scooby are going to try everything in our power so he will live. As long as Amel has the strength to live, we are not going to fail him.  Today he will have his first operation and we cross our fingers and hope for everything to work out. This little one deserves to live, deserves a dignified life, deserves to find out that not all of us humans are murderers and deserves to find happiness.  Please hold on little one.
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