Rocio and Miraglos are the two latest additions to the Scooby farm family. But because both pigs are really social and like to be among people, an area has been made for them so they have some free roaming space among the workers and volunteers of Scooby.

Both pigs wasted no time in getting to know their new surroundings, and enjoying some ‘home comforts’ that most pigs could only dream of.

First Rocio, she must have had been a veterinarian in her previous life, because we could not keep her out of the medical facilities, she started by hauling her great weight up in to the clinic porter cabin, where she was determined to stay until she could find out where that great smell of something edible was coming from. A few minutes later she was found inside the infirmary, and had closed the door on her big self, while rumaging around the waste bin in search of more great smells, and after all that hard work she was found sleeping next to the Scooby ambulance. We were sure by the afternoon we would find her in the hospital making surgeries!!!

Miraglos is the more relaxed of the two pigs, and she is mostly found, wading around in the water pool, or relaxing at the fence next to the oldies garden, but at night time, when its time to go to bed, she can be found sleeping on the sofa outside of the Scooby office, snuggled up with her snout resting on the arm of the couch like it is a pillow.

So, the pigs are now waiting to greet you all at the door with a big oink oink, enjoy the photos of the adventures of Rocio and Miraglos!!!