Paca.. a three legged dear.

We present you Paca, and for the ones that don't know her, she had an accident at night and for however hard we tried, it was not possible to save her leg. Paca arrived at Scooby some time ago, and for the markings on her neck,  we think that she had spend her days tied up. She had a temper and was not really used to being around people, but she started to trust humans little by little, she led herself be loved and transformed into a happy and caring dog. After recuperating for some time Paca is now completely better and only needs a home that is good for her, she does not even realize she has a handicap. She behaves like any normal dog, capable of anything and only in need of a home. She is protective and energetic. When she sees someone for the first time she is very guarded but she will soon get to know you and then becomes your best friend. She is 5 years old and has her whole live ahead of her. Help us find Paca a home!