The history and rescue of Blanca's pups.

These pups were born in an abandoned house, practically a ruin. Their mother is called Blanca and she is a galga. We can only imagine her history. It does not take much to imagine she has been dumped like so many galgos in our country, left behind so she would be killed by a car, an illness or hunger. Against all odds she not only managed to survive but she also managed to find a "safe" place where she could have her litter and raise her little ones. When they told us about them we have tried to rescue all of them together but in spite of all our efforts we never managed to catch Blanca. Time passed and was running against the little ones, they were getting bigger fast, they opened their eyes, started to walk and soon their life would be in danger because the road was very close to where they were.  At the end, despite many efforts we had to take the littles ones away for their own security.  We are still trying to catch Blanca but she doesn't want to know about any humans.  For her it is the enemy.  Regarding her little ones, at this time they are in our refuge waiting to find a home. We have practically seen them being born and have seen the efforts their mother has made to get them going in life. We owe her, we owe it to her that her little ones will be safe, sound and loved. They are 6 adorable survivors, cuddly and soon ready to sleep on your warm sofa. Help us give Blanca's pups a happy end, make her effort worth her while.
Videos of the little ones
Where they were:  http://bit.ly/1KdpJil
the first time we saw them: http://bit.ly/1hkqCsh
opening their eyes for the first time:  http://bit.ly/1PWHl0S