The story of Trass

Today we want to tell you the story of a very special dog. Trass left Scooby a long time ago, when he was only four months old, together with his mother and his brothers (they were all adopted). A little while ago he came to visit us but it was not like he or we thought it would be, he had come back to stay. Just now when he is getting to be six years of age, after living half his life with a family in a home, he has been given no other option than to return to Scooby. And we will not get into the details of why.
But yes, there should have been a better option for him, and apparently this is not it… We are going to show you pictures and videos of how he adapted to being in the shelter again. The first picture is from the day he arrived (he spend two days like that), later on his listlessness disappeared a bit and he started to get closer.  When we thought that everything went well, he had problems with his companions. His nervousness and stress made that another dog did not agree with him being there and bit him. Since then he has been recuperating, he had to be stitched up and had some wounds that required daily taking care of. But not all of this wounds were externally, the ones that hurt the most were the worst, the wounds in his soul, his broken spirit of being abandoned again.  Now thanks to the care and the loving attention the people at Scooby have given him, he managed to get better. It has been two months, two months of change that has been favorable. He doesn’t like to be in a closed area, when they take him for a walk he changes completely, is relaxed, walks next to you and looks you in the eye like saying “you see this? This is how I like to be”  He is sociable, caring, loving and the only thing he needs now is find himself a home again, a home to find some love, trust and bonding again that he lost one day.

Movie Trass: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCbqJytd7hQ