The prisoners of Palencia – part 1

On the first of January Scooby has taken over the shelter of Palencia. The shelter looked horrible, the dogs were scared and skinny and were sleeping on layers and layers of their own poo. It took months to clean and with good care and food, these dogs evolved from timid dogs into nice and happy dogs.
But, those dogs are still there. Just a handful has been adopted since. The rest is still waiting in the ‘jails’ of Palencia. For some dogs there are bigger spaces where they can run and play, but most dogs are alone in a cage that is not much bigger than a jail cell, they are prisoners. But these prisoners have done nothing wrong! They were only dumped on the streets by their former owners, left to die.
Scooby is doing their outmost best to feed and clean all these dogs and giving them medical care, but it costs money. A lot of money. Every day. Please help us!
The best way to help us is to adopt one of these sweethearts, giving them a loving home. But if you are not able to adopt, than please help us financially. Scooby is struggling to keep its head above the water. Please, if you can, help us. Thank you so much!