Caracola and Snoop at the Country Festival

The weekend of the 11th of July, we were at the Country Festival in Huercasa en Riaza. The organisation of the event invited us to be there with our merchandise and two of our dogs looking to be adopted. We were there around 4pm, selling shirts and promoting Caracola and Snoop who were delighted with all the attention. Troughout the evening a lot of people passed by, interested in our work and to tell us about the problems in the area regarding the abandonment of podencos. Podencos like Snoop are used for hunting and when they are no longer useful, they meet the same fate as the Spanish galgo, the abuse and abandonment.
Also a lot of children came to see us to pet and brush our dogs, and although a lot of people asked for them, none of them became their adoptee. After the festival ended, we took Caracola and Snoop on a long walk. The day had already ended and since they still had not found a home, we wanted to give them something that would have been so normal for any regular dog.  When we got back to Scooby, we evaluated the dia that had been very positive, we had met a lot of new people and given them a chance to know us and our dogs, and we all had a great day. Even then we could not prevent feeling a little sad that Snoop and Caracola are coming back to the refuge where they have to go back to their paddock.  They have been with us for a long time and while they are wonderful dogs, nobody seems to be interested in adopting them.  While we are writing this, we can do nothing but hope that someone will notice these incredible being and that we will finally be able to offer them what they deserve: a home.