Hello, today we continue with presenting you SCOOBY IN NUMBERS.
Besides realizing real adoptions, Scooby also offers the possibility to do a virtual adoption of some of our animals. You only need to choose the animal you would like to adopt virtually  and tell us on our website www.scoobymedina.org in the corresponding section and there the whole process is being explained.
Right now we have 37 virtual adoptants located in Valladolid, Madrid, Zaragoza, Salamanca, Palencia, Palma de Mallorca, Alicante and Leon. They seem to prefer the dogs but our cat Blacki and our donkeys Cayenne and Pepper also have adoptants. And the most popular in our virtual adoption program are Austin, Amelia and Gabriela.  We leave you with a picture of our “stars” Austin and Amelia.  And come on, become a virtual adoptant, with just a little you contribute a lot!  Thank you.