If today you ask me . what is happiness ? I have the right answer , happiness is to have a long walk in Scooby a day like today, without hurry , slowly , peacefully talking with the animals living here, I am going to tell you how has been my day, today.
Today was not too hot , not cold, not too sunny, not too cloudy, it was a perfect day 23/24 degrees with sun and clouds. Nothing really urgent to do so plenty of time to enjoy and I did it.
Happiness is to walk among all the new horses with Laura my galga, spending time with them approaching them slowly letting them to know that they can trust you, that you are not going to harm them and then happened , even the most frightened ones allow me to touch them.
Happiness is to hang around the neck of some of them like Beduino or Estrella feeling their power , feeling all that energy coming into yourself.
Happiness is to throw some food to our pond and seeing the fishes coming to eat , because we also protect fishes.
Happiness is to sit down and letting all the animals coming to you , my dogs, the goats , the horses even the most timid ones and you can see that even when they are really frightened they just want to be cuddled like all the rest and it is just a question of time and patience.
Happiness is to walk among the dog saying hello to all of them and realizing that they understand you , they understand that the past is past and now they can be happy too. Looking at the last rescue dogs that were so skinny and to discover that they have gained a lot of weight and to see that little by little they are learning to trust humans again.
Happiness is to know that Austin , Lola and all the others are recovering really well .
Happiness is to do , what I have done today, I have spent the whole day walking among all our animals, cuddling them, loving them and letting them to love me, horses, goats, sheep, pigs,donkeys, dogs, cats, ferrets, chickens, hens , ducks , geese , etc.etc.
And at the end happiness is to watch like what I have done today more than 1000 happy animals, we are the biggest shelter in Spain and I am sure that a 99.99% of them are happy. Everybody says that Scooby has a virus so when you are a volunteer here you get the virus and I really agree, if you really love the animals I really think that there are very few places like this in the world.
And do you want to know what could have been the extreme happiness , if I would have done the walk without pain in my knee, because it was really killing me , I need to lose weight , my knees will be better, if you want to feel really happiness come to work with us. There is only a small problem all this happiness is expensive  are you willing to help us?. Thank you. Fermín