One rescued, one dead, one still out there

3 Galgos were spotted close to the motorway in Medina. So Sabine and Pablo went out with the van to rescue them. And they actually succeeded in taking one back to Scooby, still warm but dead, run over by a car;-( These are the moments when anger, helplessness and frustration take over, so close to a better life with a chance for a loving home and still you return with a dead dog, and you ask yourself WHY? Why do the people just let their dogs run free in this heavily trafficking area, being aware that the chance for a dog to survive is quite small, knowing Scooby is not far away and they would take the dogs in?
During this action, they spotted also 2 Boxers walking around in the very dangerous area, they were more lucky as they are now safe at the shelter.
2 Days later a volunteer and her boyfriend arrived with a very young galgo, barely one year old, picked up from the exit of the motorway. He is as sweet as candy, not afraid and, given he is already full grown, a very small male.
There is still one black male straying and we will try to catch him what would actually save his life.
So wish us good luck for this  rescue...
Here are the photos of the happy survivor, he will be ready for adoption soon!