And another one-rescued dogs from Burgos

In this case , like always the phone rings and somebody on the other side asking for help for some neglected animals, in this case dogs, dogs in Burgos , she was from Valladolid but she was on holidays in Burgos and saw several dogs in very bad conditions, after phoning many many organizations , she reached my mobile, I don’t know how and again I could not turn my eyes, the owner of the dogs has been reported and SEPRONA has been there and they agreed that the dogs were in very bad conditions, there are two mastins not old but very very skinny and with several skin problems due to the lack of food and the lack of vet treatment , you can easily see in the pictures.
The Fox-terrier is very skinny but difficult to see because he is long hair , but what is absolutely disgusting is the case of this poor black lady we called her Estrella, the owner , somebody very rural had always tied her with a rope around her leg and she was so desperate , probably with pain , a lot of pain, she was growing and the rope doesn’t , she start biting her leg for getting free and at the end she broke her leg or at least this is what the neighbors have told us. Can you imagine the horrible pain that she has suffered? We asked the protectoras in the neighborhood to help but they were full and we , like always despite of being full , could not close our eyes and they are here with us. Obviously they have never been vaccinated or dewormed but they are going to be free for adoption very soon. Are you going to help them? . Are you going to help us , to help them?.
I know that we are doing a lot of things reporting many cruelty cases and I know that all of you are proud of this, but we need your help, the situation is becoming really difficult, you have been reading all the rescue cases that we are doing daily, we cannot do it without your financial support, please donate today we need your help and we need it now, if not we will need to stop all these rescues. Kisses licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín