Another galgo found “me”.

I should say a mini-galgo because this time it concerns a lovely pup of only 6 weeks old. On the other side you could say that it seems the animals choose us. A friend who works in animal welfare said to me, talking about the last galgo they picked up: “they are looking us up, we heard crying in the middle of the night, opened our door and there was a galgo sitting there”.
I was taking my dogs out for a walk and soon I counted an extra one.. they were joined by a small creature that came out of nowhere but I was not really surprised, except for its size because she showed up in the same area where I found my first galgos. For certain that in this city (Valladolid) and around it, it is strange you don’t see a roaming galgo somewhere and if I don’t catch one every month it is because they don’t let themselves be caught because they are scared.
Because she was so tiny, she was very scared of me but the poor thing could not do much to defend herself. I saw she had a large wound on one of her hindlegs, I took her into my car together with my dogs and brought her quickly to the Scooby residencia where Cobie lovingly took her in, as always. She screamed a lot, because being so small she was very afraid of humans, until Cobie put her together with Jalea, one of the mother galgas, and her two small boys Peter and Max, two little adorable galgos, very fine little boys that have not found their family yet and I hope that they won’t grow up in the refuge. She was welcomed by them and made her feel at ease and happy. Later on Cobie found out that the hind leg with the wound was in fact broken. Poor little thing, so tiny and already having to go through abandonment and pain. Maybe they threw her out because she broke her leg and had become useless?
I am asking for your help for the veterinary costs that this little one is going to have to make. In all of this year Scooby has taken up all the galgos that I have found, and there have been many.. and I know that they need help to be able to take care of that many animals.