Galgos in need of urgent help 2: the mother and the pups

Whilst  happy that Blanca has been relieved of her tumor and is being taken well care of, I  returned to the relatives of the owner, who, as I told you before, were taking care of her while he was in prison. However, without financial means to take care of the necessary veterinary care. 
Again I found a very precious and sweet galga girl there that even with becoming a mother shortly before, was very trusting towards me, she  was very sweet and with three puppies, beautiful little galgos, one with tigerstripes and two of champagne color, absolutely beautiful.  I cannot say any of these galgas was malnourished or too skinny but they had not had any veterinary care at all. I took them quickly to the residencia, wanting to see Cobie’s face when she saw this treasure in my car… well, her face looked like a poem, I should have taken a picture of it.
So now this family lives in a clean place, are well taken care of, dewormed and well fed, thanks to Scooby, so now I ask for your help to take care of all the costs that this rescue implies.