Hello my friends, as the end of the year is getting closer , we at the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Medio Ambiente are taking stock of what has become 2014 in different aspects.  One of the most obvious ones is the number of animals coming in and going out. So we would like to inform you herewith of all what is happening so you know firsthand about the Scooby numbers.
Calculating all the data till the month of september of 2014 Scooby has collected a total of 801 dogs and 91 cats, and compared to the numbers of the year before we will probably increase them with bells on because during the whole of 2013, Scooby collected a total of 861 dogs and 120 cats.
And this means in practice 801 new castrations/sterilizations, deparasiting of each dog for three months internally and externally during summer, and, depending on them being adult dogs or pups, one or various vaccinations per year.
Although we might complain that the number of collected animals has risen so much, we are also happy that we are able to give these animals a new opportunity, to find them real homes, thanks to the support of all of you.
In the next days we will be supplying you with more information about Scooby and give you more dates and numbers such as veterinary costs, adoptions, food bills, construction… We want you to know firsthand the amount of things going on at Scooby, as to say  SCOOBY IN NUMBERS.